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Quantity Description Price
Stun Gun Black$25.00
Stun Gun Pink$25.00
Stun Gun Purple$25.00
Stun Gun Black with Pepper Spray$35.00
Stun Gun Pink with Pepper Spray$35.00
Stun Gun Purple with Pepper Spray$35.00

Biometric Gun Safe

Knives 30% off - (some as much as 50% off)

Due to inventory supply disruptions we are not able to display in stock merchandise on our site. We have many pistols in stock, but usually only 1-2 of them. So things come in and go out quickly.  Our online store at may show a lot of out of stock inventory. But stop in. We have many guns in stock and ready for delivery. 


Hi-Point - 40 S&W  - $199

The Hi Point Polymer Pistol is on a larger frame allowing the shooter to enjoy the shooting even more. The Hi Point Polymer Pistol makes it fun to shoot targets, small game hunting and protecting lives too. You can't go wrong with a Hi Point Polymer Pistol by your side.

$50 off with any firearm purchase

Background checks on all firearm purchases are $7 which includes the state fee of $2 and a $5 paperwork storage fee. This is per transaction. 


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