The above link is every Sig Sauer in production. If we don't have it, we can get it within a few days.

Currently, we have a large selection of handguns from Sig, Glock, Colt and S&W. We have sporting rifles from CMMG, Chippa, Sig, Bushmaster and Master Arms. 

We stock ammo in .380, 45, .40, 38 Special, 22lr, 5.56, 10mm, .223 and 9mm. Both FMJ and hollow point

We also have a full stock of Body Armor. From Bullet Proof Vests to Plates, we carry it all.

Finally, we have nonlethal weapons by Sabre, such as pepper spray and tasers.

Inventory will be updated weekly and changes. Check back for more details.  We stock all brands and models of firearms. Click below for product availability. If we don't have it we can order it with 3 business days.